Cafe-Restaurant "Græsk Smag"

Vesterbrogade 109, Copenhagen, tel. +45 33 31 88 86
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Delivery & Catering


You can order online, through our delivery app, and have your order delivered at your door.

Please note, that some products in our delivery app, aren’t yet visible on our website, and vice versa.


Who can order catering?
The catering service is for minimum 10 persons.

What is included?
You can order all products from our menu; pies, dishes, sweet/savory bites and drinks. For our menu products we should be informed at least 24 hours before the pickup/delivery day.
Apart from our menu items, we can prepare three types of pies in big oven pans, of 30 pieces each (2.250 gr in total); pie with spinach & onions, pie with tomatoes, olives & sweet peppers and pie with chicken & gouda cheese. For the large-size pies we should be informed at least 2 days before the pickup/delivery day.
You can also make special requests for Greek dishes outside our menu. These dishes are prepared for a minimum of 6 portions. For the special dishes we should be informed at least 4 days before the pickup/delivery day.

Which days / what time?
Our catering service is available from Monday to Sunday. The time can be outside our opening hours.

Is there delivery?
The delivery is charged extra depending on the distance.